addiction stems from weakness and disassociation, writing homework help

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 In your responses, post at least 100 words and evaluate your colleague’s paragraph and/or self‐evaluation. Do you agree with his/her responses to the questions? What else could he/she do to develop stronger body paragraphs?

It is easy to assume that addiction stems from weakness and disassociation is the best response to an addict. The story of Sonny and his brother forces us to see beyond that assumption.

 Sonny and his brother grew up in the same household but grew to be very different men. Initially, the two brothers are not in contact as adults but as the story grows they begin to communicate and eventually develop a meaningful relationship. Each experiences a fall from Grace, one symbolic and the other literal, that lead to a rebuilding of their relationship (Stone, 2013). As the relationship develops, we are shown experiences that the brothers had growing up that contributed to their life choices and developed them into the men they grew to be. The story concludes with a final symbol called the trembling cup, defining the end state of their relationship.  The trembling cup is used as a symbol to solidify Sonny overcoming his addiction as well as his brother’s acceptance of him (Mosher, 1982).


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  The topic sentence explains the interest built from the thesis statement so I believe it is connected well without being redundant.The story of Sonny’s Blues is rife with symbolism and hidden meaning.  I chose these references to bring light to those symbols and stress the importance of recognizing them in order to truly understand the story’s theme. The first symbol is clear to understand since it is a popular phrase. The second symbol, is not so easily understood and I will need to expand on my explanation of it. I will need to explain the religious meaning behind the symbol to further explain its meaning to the story.

  I believe that the paragraph is cohesive and has a natural flow that will hopefully produce an interest in reading further. Adding more to the paragraph would be unnecessary and only result in overload of information or redundancy.

  I was challenged with finding a balance of the right amount of information that meets the intent of the discussion. I believe I was able to incorporate the working thesis, how it ties to the main body paragraph while including proper references.

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