according to nitze s basic writing chapter in the picture below

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According to Nitze’s basic writing chapter, in the picture below. In approximately 2000 words, answer one of the following questions. Be sure to provide cited evidence from the texts for your conclusions (i.e. you must quote from the text). No sources besides those assigned in class are necessary (i.e. this is not a research paper). Rather, the purpose of this assignment is for you to explicate (i.e. summarize and explain) the views of the thinker in question. So, your paper should provide insight, not only into the views Mill had, but also into the reasons he had for holding such views.

1.Write an essay in which you consider Mill’s views on individualism. First, consider the notion of personal choice. Under what circumstances should people be allowed to make their own life decisions, even when those decisions challenge the prevailing viewpoints? What limits must people respect when making choices about how to live their lives? Second, describe the dangers of conformity, according to Mill. Why do most people have a tendency to conform to a few standard models of life? What bad effects can this conformity have on individuals? Finally, discuss the social goods that are created by allowing people to live eccentric lives. Particularly, what goods are created for those who do not themselves live such eccentric lives? How does individualism, according to Mill, help to improve society as a whole?

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