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Due May 2 by 11:59pm Points 100 Submitting a website url
Final: Reflection Assignment

Due: May 2nd (online url submission through Canvas)

Your final assignment is to analyze all of the writing you have done in this course. The goal is to give you an opportunity to assess your progress as a writer. The assignment comprises 10% of your course grade and consists of both a final Digication Portfolio and a Reflection.

Digication Portfolio:

Create and develop a Digication Portfolio (accessible to the ASU community) that includes the following:

Rationale for the Portfolio (portfolio introduction)
About me page (including a profile picture)
Posted copies of the final drafts of all four writing projects including introductions to each project
Reflection Letter
For most, the process of finalizing the portfolio may be to make some revisions, develop introductions/overviews of projects 2-4, post the final assignments of WP2-4, and post the final reflection. However, I will be evaluating the final portfolios for organization, professionalism, and design.


The reflection is a 1-2 page typed analysis of your work this semester. This analysis will generally answer the question, “What is the status of my writing after this semester?” The paper should include specific references, including quotations if needed, to your rough and final drafts, peer’s comments, instructor’s comments, reflections, notes, summaries, textbooks, etc. to support your claims about your progress as a writer. Since we did four types of writing projects, you may want to address each specifically. Since this class emphasizes both process (multiple drafts) and product, I would expect that your self-review would address both aspects of your writing.

Your target audience is the ASU community as a whole (faculty, staff, students)

The following questions may help direct your thinking (although a good reflection will not slavishly follow the order of these questions, be limited to these questions, or necessarily answer all of the questions):

Consider your accomplishments this term. What are your strengths and weaknesses of your work in this course in terms of both your writing processes and your written texts? Describe them.
Discuss some of the steps you took in order to reach the objectives you set for yourself in this course. Did your objectives change during the semester? If so, describe how they have changed. What new objectives will you set for yourself for future writing tasks?
How has your approach to audience and purpose changed over the semester? How do you use those considerations in crafting your documents?
What problems did you encounter as you progressed throughout the course? Is there a pattern of writing problems that you have begun to solve? How did you solve these problems? Have you changed your problem-solving process?
Which projects to you feel especially proud of? Explain why.
Which project did you learn the most from? Describe what you learned.
Describe some of the invention strategies you’ve tried. Which seemed most successful for you? Explain why.
Describe the revision strategies you found helpful. Why were they helpful?
Review reader’s comments (from both your peers and the instructor). These comments may either be positive or constructive. Identify one comment that appears on 2 or more projects. This could reflect a strength or a weakness. Briefly describe how you plan to continue to build on this area if it is a strength or how you plan to improve in this area if it is a weakness.
Discuss the various in-class work/homework that helped you in your writing. Be specific.
As you review your writing, what surprises you about your writing for this class? What surprises you about the processes you have used to do the writing?

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