200 word answer of each q and also make headings of answers to simplify that

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Q.No.1.   Define web services. Explain intentions of web services to be developed?    

Q.No.2.   StAX is pull parser. Write detail note on StAX?

Q.No.3.  a)  Draw Web Services Architecture.

b) Define Tools for Web services development.

Q.No.4.  Write a note on Web service Model. Explain web service component with example? 

Q.No.5.   Define Status code. Explain its different types?

Q.No.6.   a) Give detail answer on types of uses of Web Service?

  b) What are the advantages of using XML in web services?

Q.No.7.   Write a detail note on JAX-RPC? 

Q.No.8.   a)  Draw Web Services Architecture?

 b) Explain Symmetric Encryption?

Q.No.9.   a) Explain SOAP faults and SOAP faults code?

  b) How REST and SOAP are quite different? 

Q.No.10.   What is SOA? Explain its working?

Q.No.11.   a) How to decide which protocol is should be used. (SOAP or REST)?

  b) Define Tools for Web services development. 

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